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Laboratory Services

Every requirement demands a specific solution. At InterMed, we are more than a supplier- we want to be your partner. That means being a part of your product development process from concept generation to best manufacturing practices.


To do this, we have an in-house team of experts-chemists and industry specialists make up our team with our own laboratory right here at our head office.  This provides us an opportunity to formulate and recommend speciality and new breakthrough ingredients to help you bring the latest innovation to your portfolio or simply give your existing ones a makeover.


By providing tailor-made formulation and production assistance, we can help expedite the development process and minimise the cost of our customers' product development efforts. We are able to propose the most suitable materials for your needs according to your budget and desired results. We know the industry, the market trends and innovations – we make every dream a possibility, one formulation at a time.

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