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Our Philosophy

InterMed's strength is founded in the expertise and experience acquired over many years of serving the industry. The core of this strength is a strong pool of knowledgeable staffers. Technically savvy and market-wise, our team is attuned to the latest industry trends and innovations.  


Business at InterMed is more than just handing over a product list and fulfilling orders. At InterMed, we are committed to be an integral part of our customers’ business. We understand that no two customers are alike and every need requires a specific solution. We strive to be partners you can rely on and we take pride in every single one of your successes.

We remain deeply committed to the success and well-being of our partners as we are to our own- for there cannot be one without the other. Call us sentimental fools; but customers, suppliers and staff who have been a part of our family since our incorporation in 1988 can surely agree.


Come and be a part of our family. Get to know us and discover how we can help spruce up an existing product range or help you create something new.


Share our journey, read about InterMed's milestones throughout the years HERE.


Hong Kong 1997

Sharing our belief in doing extras and providing value-adds

Every requirement demands a specific solution. At InterMed, we are more than a supplier - we want to be your partner. That means being a part of your product development process from concept generation to best manufacturing practices.


To do this, we have an in-house team of experts-chemists and industry specialists who make up our team with our own laboratory right here at our head office.  This provides us an opportunity to formulate and recommend specialty and new breakthrough ingredients to help you bring the latest innovation to your product range or simply give your existing products a makeover or discover a new ingredient to give your finished products the competitive edge.


By providing tailor-made formulation and production assistance, we can help to expedite the development process and minimize the cost of product development efforts. We are able to propose the most suitable materials for your needs according to your budget and desired results. We know the industry, the market trends and innovations – we make every dream a possibility and reality.


Hong Kong 1997

Annual Dinner 2017, Malacca

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InterMed is an ISO 9001 certified company since 2005. We are proud that we have recorded full compliance of the standard requirements under ISO in the recent years.

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