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Food & Nutraceuticals Division (F&N)

InterMed's Food & Nutraceuticals (F&N) Division specializes in the distribution of raw materials and active ingredients to the food and nutraceutical industries in Malaysia and South East Asia.

The division has expanded over the years to now cater for both the food and nutraceutical industry. Our team boasts a strong group of food technologists and chemists who have many years of experience in the field of Nutraceuticals and Herbaceuticals.

We represent internationally well-known and trusted manufacturers of food ingredients. We make it our role to ensure the necessary quality control procedures are adhered to so that the materials supplied are of the highest and consistent quality to meet the customers' needs. 

To cater to different needs of our customers, we offer organic products and KOSHER and/or HALAL certified products when required. We not only provide essential items but also offer a host of innovative novelty ingredients which will give your product the edge you are looking for.

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