26 July 2021



Embrace the wise gradient

Grey hair has always been a sign of wisdom, venerated in some cultures and dreaded in others.


Men blessed with wisdom highlights are known as silver foxes and are considered attractive and sexy. However, in an ageist society they prefer more pepper than salt in their hair. Dying hair is not an option.


In the recent years, grey hair dyes amid young people have revealed an increasing trend among women of all ages: going grey gracefully. Women are embracing their natural color like salt & pepper (grombre), or totally silver. During the lockdown some women have finally jumped into it, so numbers are only rising.


Loss of pigmentation is due to an unbalanced redox homeostasis, reduced melanogenesis and less melanocyte stem cells migrating into the bulb. Oxidative stress is mainly caused by melanogenesis, but also from emotional stress, heavy metals from tap water and other external factors. In grey hair shafts, oxidative stress can oxidize keratin proteins and remaining melanin leading to an undesired yellowing.


Wisegrade™ helps to regulate the amount of desired grey, in a natural non-damaging way. It improves endogenous antioxidant rebalancing, redox homeostasis, protects the stem cell pool, reactivates the melanogenesis cycle and reinforces melanosome integrity. Wisegrade™ provides antioxidant protection, enhances gloss and allows you to regulate the amount of grey hair. Are you ready to take the plunge?





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