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20 December 2022



ADT - 3 Surface Treatment

Despite the fact that there is no regulation about safety on PEG, Sensient has taken these concerns into consideration and developed a PEG-free surface treatment: ADT-3 so that brands are able to develop more cosmetic options to offer to the market.

What is ADT-3 Surface Treatment?

  • PEG and soyamine-free hybrid hydrophobic surface treatment for high pigment load & fluid make-up formulations without compromise on sensoriality

  • INCI: CI, Isopropyl Titanium Triisostearate, Polyglyceryl-2 Diisostearate/ IPDI Copolymer


So what are the properties and benefits?

  • High compatibility and dispersibility in oils, especially polar oils which improves stability of emulsions

  • High pigment load with highly limited hardening in sticks

  • High pigment load with little viscosity increase in fluids, up to 40% of pigments

  • Excellent color strength in W/O, W/Si, anhydrous sticks and pressed powders

  • Suitable for hair make-up in aerosol spray format

  • Improved hydrophobicity

  • Allows higher pigment content in fluid formulations

  • Low viscosity dispersion in oils and esters

  • Improved adhesion, long wearing

  • May eliminate film formers in anhydrous formulations

  • Buildable coverage and homogeneous application, easy to blend

  • High color-intensity color lipstick





Feel free to contact us for further product information.

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