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30 JUL 2013


Low Molecular Weight - Oligo Fucoidan










What is Fucoidan?


It is a “Polysaccharide” – a class of natural dietary fiber mainly found in Marine Brown Seaweed in the ocean. A lot of research related to human health has been carried out by European, American, Japanese and Taiwanese medical and biotech research institutes. Positives effects are found in fucoidan on many detailed research papers.


The key human’s benefits of fucoidan


Fucoidan possesses anti-cancer effects by:


  1. enhancing immunity and increasing natural killer cell (NK Cell) activity

  2. inducing apoptosis (self-destruct) in the cancer cell and

  3. inhibiting the cancer cells and blocking angiogenesis (the process of formation new blood vessels from pre existing vessels).


Fucoidan also can inhibit inflammations, improves liver functions and helps regulate the hormone system.


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InteMed is the exclusive agent in Malaysia for Fucoidan.

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